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Adhesives and Encapsulants - Epoxy, Urethane, UV Cure, Hybrid Adhesives

Bonding and protection are what these materials are all about. An adhesive binds two different components together whereas an encapsulant is only bonded to one surface and is exposed on the other side. Oftentimes the same material can perform both functions. Selecting the right adhesive for a particular application can be a daunting task, and we are here to help. To get started, download this checklist of items to consider and then send us a note with the form below for a specific recommendation.
We offer epoxy, polyurethane, and UV cure urethane acrylates as dispensable liquid adhesives. We also provide b-staged epoxy film adhesives as custom preforms for the ultimate in convenience and performance, or roll and sheet stock for in-line processing. For those unfamiliar with epoxy film, this short paper describes what it is and this one provides guidelines for processing.

All adhesives are manufactured by Resin Designs, LLC, near Boston, Massachusetts. In addition the products listed on this website, Resin Designs specializes in developing custom solutions. If a required item is not shown here, contact us with this form or by calling 978-995-8526.

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