Spotlight On High Temperature Epoxy

With glass transition temperatures (Tg) around 200°C, the 2300 series of TechFilm epoxy adhesives from Resin Designs are ideal for high temperature applications. The Tg is an important parameter for characterizing adhesives since it marks the transition from a rigid crystalline / glassy phase to a more disordered rubbery phase. Mechanical properties change significantly; adhesion strength and storage modulus drop, while the coefficient of thermal expansion increases. The high Tg of the 2300 series means more operational stability up to 200°C. As an added bonus these epoxy systems also have great chemical resistance at both ordinary and elevated temperatures. There are three key products in the series that address particular requirements:
  • I2300F is the pure, unfilled epoxy in film form.
  • T2321F contains alumina filler, usually used for enhanced thermal conductivity, but also for reducing flow during cure and ease of handling.
  • E2313F is the silver filled version, used where electrical conductivity is required.
All three products have a one year shelf life when stored at -40°C, but they also have a long, 30 day work life at room temperature. The optimum cure schedule is one hour at 180°C.
film materials are available in sheet or roll format that can be cut as needed; or as preforms cut to the specific requirements of the application. Whether simple or complex, preforms enable the highest ease of use. Let us know your needs.
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