Adhesive Dispensing: Human vs. Robot

The keys to dispensing any adhesive are volume and placement control. Thin coating on a large area? Think of painting with a brush, roller, or sprayer. Putting down long traces thick or thin? Use a syringe or cartridge with an air pressure valve. Small dots? Then a syringe with precision dispenser is called for. All of these applications can be done by hand, usually with skilled technicians and in some cases with the aid of a microscope. But wouldn’t it be easier to let a robot do it? Teach it once with a simple set of instructions and it will do the repetitive, difficult work for you, with much greater accuracy. Even a one-time task can be easier by inputting a program than doing it manually. I liken it to ripping a long board with a circular saw. You can scribe a line and follow it manually (more or less). Or you can set up a fence and push the saw along it. It takes a little more work up front to set up, but the result is a straight, clean cut that is ultimately more satisfying.

Our desktop robots are not the cheapest available. They are also not the most expensive. They are robust machines that fit comfortably in both low and high volume environments, from one-off R&D projects to full-on production. We have extensive dispensing experience and will customize a system for your specific needs. Go to our
Robot Systems page for more information and to see a video of a more advanced system in operation. You may not need this much capability, but rest assured we can provide it if you do.
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