Delivering Unique Epoxy Film Structures

Sometimes an adhesive interface needs to be more than just a mechanical bond. Sometimes it needs to be electrically conductive, or conversely, electrically insulating. Sometimes it needs to be thermally conductive, or again conversely, thermally insulating. But there are also applications that require specific structures for assembly or design reasons. For example, to set a specific gap in a bond line the use of a carrier film such as DuPont™ Kapton® polyimide or Mylar® polyester coated with b-stage epoxy on both sides is very effective. Coating the epoxy on just one side produces an overlay adhesive that is readily cut and easily processed in an automated line. Both of these carrier materials also offer excellent dielectric and chemical barrier properties. For a high breakdown voltage, it’s hard to beat an epoxy-Kapton-epoxy bond line.

Resin Designs has the flexibility to coat any of their
B-stage epoxies on these carriers, either one side or both sides. With a distinctive set of resin systems, a wide variety of fillers, and multiple carriers, Resin Designs can produce a broad selection of b-stage epoxy products. What application do you have that might benefit from a unique structure?
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