TechFilm Adhesives Demystified

Resin Designs draws on six core polymer formulations for its TechFilm line of b-staged epoxy films. From a user point of view these formulations provide a broad range of properties such as cure temperature (90°C - 200°C), adhesion strength with different materials, glass transition temperature from 80°C to 200°C, and work lives from 1 - 30 days. The next step in customization for a specific application is determining what filler, if any, should be used. Most commonly, alumina and silver are used for enhancing thermal or electrical conductivity respectively. In fact, other fillers such as aluminum or graphite are also available. Further customization is possible with addition of a carrier such as a fiberglass mesh, Kapton® polyimide, or carbon fabric. Unlike many competitors, Resin Designs can precisely locate the carrier either in the middle of the film product or on one side. Thickness of the film is another important consideration. The standard range is 2 - 5 mils, but with some unfilled products thinner is possible and in many cases, thicker is possible as well. The final step of customization is cutting the film to a preform shape specific to the application.

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