ThermoSink 35-1 Potting Gel

Resin Designs has released a new silicone potting gel that has exceptional thermal conductivity. ThermoSink 35-1 is a two part silicone that cures at room temperature to a flexible Shore A hardness of 50. With a thermal conductivity of 3.4 W/mK, it is well suited for potting power supplies, transformers, inverters, and many other electronic devices generating heat that needs to be removed. Dielectric properties are also excellent, making it a superb choice for high voltage applications. Specific values can be found on the data sheet. Finally, it has a UL 94 flammability rating of V-0.

ThermoSink 35-1 combines high thermal conductivity with premium dielectric properties in a protective, soft solid that sets a new standard for potting materials. Already used in automotive applications we believe it is applicable in other markets such as electric power, telecommunications infrastructure, aerospace, military, and so forth. Click
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