B-Stage Film Epoxies With Low Cure Temperature

Most epoxy films are cured around 150°C and some can cure down to 125°C. This lower limitation is due to the solid resins that must melt and then reach a threshold temperature where polymerization can start. Resin Designs has broken this low limit barrier with the TechFilm 2700 series of film adhesives that cure as low as 90°C. This novel resin system allows the benefits of film epoxies to be realized in temperature sensitive applications. Some of these are piezoelectric transducer assemblies, solid state laser assembly, and medical devices.

We provide a complete line in the 2700 series, all of which are compatible with each other in co-curing applications. They all offer great adhesion to a wide variety of materials and their glass transition temperature is in the 100° to 110°C range. Starting off is the pure, unfilled
I2701F, which enables bond lines as thin as one mil. Alumina filled T2723F provides thermal conductivity with great electrical insulation while the silver filled E2713F offers both electrical and thermal conductivity. We also produce specialty products such as the aluminum filled T2781F which provides excellent thermal conductivity with a “resistor” level of electrical conductivity, and E2771F3, which is a graphite filled, carbon mesh fabric supported material used primarily for grounding or shielding applications.

In total the TechFilm 2700 series enable the use of film adhesives in temperature sensitive applications where they couldn’t previously be considered. On the flip side, they also enable faster cure at higher temperatures, but that’s a story for another day. For more information,
review all the film products here.
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