PINK Plasma Representation

We are very pleased to announce that Assembly Answers now represents PINK GmbH Thermosysteme providing sales and support for plasma systems. With engineering and manufacturing in Germany, PINK is looking to expand its business in North America. Reaction has already been very favorable, with high accolades from customers familiar with more established brands in the US.

PINK plasma systems are ideal for cleaning organic residues from surfaces prior to bonding or coating. Even surfaces that have been previously cleaned with wet processes can still retain contaminants that might interfere with adhesion of subsequent coatings. With a PINK plasma treatment they can be removed, leaving an ultrapure surface. As a dry process, there is no drying or waste disposal required.

A major area of application for PINK Plasma Systems is surface activation, especially for plastics. Many plastics are nonpolar and therefore don’t wet well. By activating the surface with polar groups, wetting is substantially enhanced, allowing for good adhesion with adhesives or coatings. PINK Plasma Systems are distinctive for activating plastics with very little temperature rise, thus preventing distortion of the plastic body.

PINK plasma systems are powered with microwave energy (2.45 GHz) as opposed to the more common RF and microwave frequencies. Efficient, clean. and safe for your product, PINK Plasma Systems are perfect for creating ultra-clean / ultra-active surfaces that will bond or coat well. The tabletop model V6-G is shown below. Larger cabinet and custom systems are available as well. Click
here for further information.

PiNK Plasma V6 benchtop system

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