Materials And Processes For Innovative Manufacturing

Laser Micromachining

Laser machining is a fast, efficient way to cut a wide variety of materials with very high precision. Whether ablating off surface materials or drilling micro-holes, PhotoMachining, Inc. has the laser and expertise to do the job.


  • Laser Machining - With customer provided material and CAD file PhotoMachining will process with the optimum laser and settings to meet specification. Service can be a one-time production run or ongoing continuous production.
  • Research and Development - With novel materials or applications it may be desirable to test different types of lasers or settings. This might occur, for example, when a company routinely uses in-house CO2 lasers but wants to explore the benefits of a UV laser. Fundamental research studies are also supported.


  • Laser Processing Systems - Custom designed systems integrate the laser, optical beam steering, and material handling, all integrated with powerful software to cut accurately and repeatably. Laser types available include Nd:YAG, excimer, ultra short pulse (picosecond and femtosecond), fiber, and CO2.
  • Motion Controllers and Vision Systems
  • Porous Ceramic Vacuum Chuck - Developed in-house for holding parts securely in place, these vacuum chucks have small holes (1 mil) and a very flat surface.
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