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Silicone Pads and Gels

Silicone pads are very soft solids that easily compress to form highly effective environmental seals. They are available as custom die-cut parts ready for immediate assembly or as rolls for cutting as needed.
  • Sealing Strips - Pure silicone or in combination with various backing materials, these products provide a soft interface for weather sealing and / or vibration suppression.
  • Connector Seals - These sealing strips are specifically designed for electrical connectors. After placement in a connector shell, contact pins can be pushed right through the seal, forming a weathertight interface. Pins can even be removed and replaced while maintaining a secure seal since the silicone is self-repairing.
  • Shielding and Grounding Gaskets - Containing a metal wire mesh, these gaskets add electrical shielding and / or grounding functionality to a weathertight seal.
  • Thermal Interface Pads - Less important for environmental protection but very important for cooling electronics, these thermal interface materials (TIMs) are placed between hot electronic components and a heat sink.

Silicone gels are liquid materials that are used for potting electronic modules. They readily fill complex volumes and cure in less than six hours.

The silicone product line is manufactured by Resin Designs, LLC in their Newark, California plant.

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