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Thermal Interface Materials from Resin Designs, LLC

Geltek Thermal Pad from Resin Designs
These products play a key role in thermal management of electronic devices. They help transfer heat away from hot components by providing a compliant interface that eliminates air pockets, major barriers to heat transfer. While these materials are all soft, there are different degrees of softness available. Selection will depend on the clamping force that is holding the parts together, since they are most effective when compressed.
Thermal pads are available with one side tacky or both sides tacky. The thin products (< 2 mm) are typically used to interface hot components or smaller packages. The thick products can be used for larger modules or as a gap filler between a populated board and a package lid. These thicker materials are also the softest and most compliant. Within each box in the following table products are listed with increasing softness from top to bottom. Next to each product number in parentheses is the thermal conductivity (W/mK).
1 Side Tacky 2 Sides Tacky
Thin Products
0.25 - 2 mm
(0.01 - 0.08 inches)
TP-2260HP (1.6)
TP-3560 (3.3)
TP-1562 (0.8)
TP-2860 (2.5)
TP-3560 Soft (3.3)
TP-3500 (3.5)
TP-2200HP (1.6)
TP-1502 (1.1)
TP-3500 Soft (3.3)
Thick Products
2 - 5 mm
(0.08 - 0.20 inches)
TP-2160 (0.7) TP-2300 (1.4)
TP-2101 (0.7)

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